Duo Jürg Solothurnmann, saxophone and Katharina Weber, piano




Saxophone and piano, two instruments from different centuries and in our case with different styles of music.

Jürg Solothurnmann, with his harsh, "husky" sound, comes from the jazz tradition, Katharina Weber, with her richly nuanced playing, definitly from the classical tradition, and yet the two of them are in excellent harmony in their musical dialogue. Free jazz and classical modern music are important sources of free improvisation and the inventions of Solothurnmann and Weber illustrate in an exciting way how the gap can be bridged.

The two winners of the Big Music prize of the Canton of Berne do not rest on their laurels but set out on musical forays which are dedicated to plumbing the depths of the concert moment.

They have no arrangement beforehand, just years of experience, open ears, rapid reaction and a sense of humour!