Franz Dodel reads passages from his "Haiku endlos" oder "Carmen Infinitum" while Katharina Weber improvises at intervals, closely intertwined with the text.

Franz Dodel (*1949)

Author and special adviser at the Univerity Library of Berne. Lives and works in Berne (Boll-Sinneringen).

Qualified Primary School Teacher. Teaching at various schools. Thelogy studies at Berne University. Dissrtation on early monkhood in Egypt. Since 2003 special adviser for Theology and Religious Knowledge at the University Library of Berne (Central Library). Member of the Siss Society of Authors. Literature prize of the Canton of Berne 2009. Heinz Weder prize for Poetry 2003.

Recent Publications:
About Animals, edition taberna kritika, Bern 2010, 91 S.

Nicht bei Trost. Haiku, endlos, illustrated by Serafine Frey, Edition Korrespondenzen, Vienna 2008, 607 S. [Z. 6001-12000], awarded the Austrian State prize 2009.

Nicht bei Trost – a never ending Haiku, 3 Bde., illustrated by Rudolf Steiner, Edition Haus am Gern, Biel 2004. [Z. 1-6000], awarded a prize in the competition "The loveliest Swiss Books 2004"